Video surveillance

Video surveillance. Design is the implementation of video surveillance systems in industrial enterprises.
“Promavtomatika Vinnytsia” provides a full range of services for individual design, installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems at facilities of any degree of complexity.
Our employees have extensive practical experience working with various video surveillance systems, we can always find the best solution for you, help you choose video surveillance cameras, explain all the nuances and details of a particular equipment.
The company’s policy is based on the use of high-quality equipment based on advanced technologies of security systems and security systems, which allows us to implement the most complex projects with high requirements for quality, flexibility and ease of management. We work to ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Our company provides a guarantee for all types of work performed. There is also the possibility of further service.
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What will it do?
  • Online remote control of production processes
  • Evidence base for operational search actions
  • Increase the efficiency of employees’ work through awareness of external control over them.
  • Property safety control
  • Awareness by outsiders about the security of the object
  • Ability to create and check a working time map
  • Facilitating the work of the enterprise security service
  • Getting up-to-date information about emergency situations
  • Assessment of compliance of employees ‘ work in accordance with the standards
  • Ability to quickly deliver audio information
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