Maintenance of the electrical part of enterprises
Outsourcing — a company transfers part of its tasks or processes to third-party performers. That is, an agreement under which the work is performed by people from an external company who are also experts in this type of work.
The services offered by our company in the field of outsourcing allow us to provide comprehensive maintenance and minimize risks due to failures in the infrastructure of the customer’s facilities.
Due to timely maintenance, problems are extremely rare, since the attention of specialists is focused on preventing problems, and not just on solving them, which allows the customer to save money on the maintenance of objects.
The company’s specialists will take over the organization and implementation of the entire complex of installation, scheduled preventive, repair and emergency recovery works at the customer’s facilities.
The company also provides an opportunity to significantly reduce transportation costs by using our fleet.
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Advantages of cooperation
  • The comprehensive approach to service — the ooperation with one contractor in many non-core areas, gives maximum convenience in managing the customer’s facilities.
  • Each order can be adapted to the customer’s needs.
  • Cooperation on applications.
  • Prompt response to a problem that has occurred to the customer with FTC.
  • Availability of necessary materials and components in warehouses.
  • Service engineers are equipped with the necessary supply of materials and a full set of tools.
  • Reducing time and financial costs for non-core activities, which allows the customer to focus on the main type of activity, thereby increasing its efficiency.
  • Cost optimization and predictability.
  • Possibility of obtaining a guarantee regarding the quality of work performed.
We provide services
  • General construction works
  • Electrical part
  • Video surveillance loudspeaker system
  • Fuel transfer columns (FTC)
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems
Why us?
  • Qualified and neat specialists
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Comprehensive service
  • Own special transport
  • Emergency departures
  • Warranty
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