ETL electrotechnical laboratory

Performing all regulated electrical measurements. Issuance of official documents.
The electrotechnical laboratory performs all types of electrical measurement work for the purpose of uninterrupted and safe operation of your equipment.
We provide services for testing electrical equipment up to 10 kV, at various facilities. We work on the territory of Ukraine. When conducting tests, we use equipment that has passed all Metrological checks. Our specialists have all the necessary certificates and approvals for testing equipment with high voltage, and also regularly check the knowledge necessary for safe work. Separate protocols or a full technical report are drawn up based on the test results.
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List of studies
  • Measurement of the resistance of ground loops and lightning protection of electrical protective equipment.
  • Full range of high voltage tests
  • Measurement of the metal connection of equipment with the ground loop
  • Measurement of cable insulation resistance 0.4 – 10kV
  • Production of grounding, lightning protection.
  • Testing of circuit breakers
  • Testing of power tools and electrical protective equipment
  • Checking the protection of electrical equipment
  • Testing of protective equipment (stepladders, mounting belts, etc.)
  • Production of passports of explosion-proof equipment
  • Installation of a lightning protection system
  • Transformer oil testing
Why us?
  • Certified and accredited laboratory
  • Highly qualified staff
  • We conduct work at a convenient time for you
  • Prompt miscalculations and execution of work in the shortest possible time
  • Guarantee for completed works
  • 15,000 customers trust us
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