Energy certification

Conducting energy certification of the building.
Energy efficiency certification is a type of energy audit that analyzes information about the actual or design characteristics of enclosing structures and engineering systems, evaluates the compliance of the calculated level of energy efficiency with the established minimum requirements for the energy efficiency of buildings, and provides recommendations for improving the level of energy efficiency.
The presence of a building’s energy certificate is mandatory for a number of objects in accordance with the requirements of the law of Ukraine “on energy efficiency of buildings”, in particular:
  1. For construction objects (new construction, reconstruction, capital repairs), which according to the class of consequences (liability) belong to objects with medium (CC2) and significant (CC3) consequences, determined in accordance with the law of Ukraine “On regulation of urban development activities”;
  2. State-owned buildings with a heated area of more than 250 square meters, which are often visited by citizens and in all the premises of which state authorities are located;
  3. Buildings with a heated area of more than 250 square meters, in all the premises of which local self-government bodies are located (if they carry out thermal modernization of such buildings);
  4. Buildings where thermal modernization is carried out, for which state support is provided and which results in achieving the energy efficiency class of the building.
The company “Promavtomatika”, Vinnytsia, offers services in conducting a comprehensive energy audit of industrial enterprises, public and residential buildings, as well as manufacturing an energy certificate of the building in accordance with the requirements of current legislation.
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Why is this necessary?
What will it do?
  • Implementation of the law of Ukraine “On energy efficiency of buildings”
  • Determining the energy efficiency of a building in accordance with international standards
  • Recommendations for reducing energy consumption are given.
Objects subject to mandatory energy certification.
Operation algorithm
Why us?
  • Certified energy auditors
  • Certified professional equipment
  • Guarantee of reliability of the energy certificate
  • Free creation of a detailed list of recommended energy saving measures
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