Energy audit

Performing a comprehensive energy audit of buildings and other energy consumption facilities.
Energy audit is a survey of consumers of energy resources in order to establish the efficiency of their use at the facility and develop economically justified measures to reduce fuel and energy supply costs. The energy audit includes:
  • Detailed analysis of energy consumption at the facility with identification of the main sources of energy loss, determination of the energy saving potential.
  • Research of construction and engineering features of the building, establishment of the energy efficiency class of the object, formation of an energy passport (an energy certificate).
  • Selection of the most optimal option for implementing energy-saving measures and their preliminary feasibility study.
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Why is this necessary?
What will it do?
  • Recommendations for reducing energy consumption
  • Sources of excess energy losses identified
  • List of priority technical measures for energy saving
  • Possibility to prepare high-quality investment or grant projects
Operation algorithm
Why us?
  • Certified energy auditors
  • Certified professional equipment
  • Preparation of a detailed energy audit report
  • Feasibility study of the proposed energy saving measures
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