Construction of solar power plants

Design. Accurate calculation of the business plan.
The company PROMAVTOMATIKA offers the construction of grid-based solar power plants that are fully ready for connection to the power grid and signing a contract for the “green tariff.
Even before the end of the procedure for issuing a “green tariff”, such a station will help you reduce energy costs during the daytime.
To build a private solar power plant you need to go through a few steps:
  • Evaluation of the object for the possibility of installing solar panels,
  • Finding the optimal configuration and location;
  • Checking the allocated capacity for a private household(Increase the technical specifications if necessary);
  • Choose SPP equipment;
  • Feasibility study development;
  • SPP construction;
  • Replacing the counter
  • Ground loop construction;
  • Collecting and submitting documents for the «Green tariff»;
Profitability of enabling the Green tariff
During the year of operation the SPP (with a capacity of 30 kW) under the “green tariff” can generate up to 35 thousand kW/year, which corresponds to 140 thousand UAH / year
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Project implementation scheme
Payback table
Power of the solar power plant, kW
SPP area, sq. m.
Average annual output, kW
Average cost of a station, USD.
Payback period, one year
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