Automation of technological processes

Building and improving automated process control systems.
“One of the key areas of work of “Promavtomatika” is the provision of services for automation of production processes. Our company has more than fifteen years of experience in implementing automated control systems in various industries:”
  • Agriculture:
    • automation of grain drying complexes
    • automation of grain storage
    • automation of climate systems of livestock farms
    • automation of feed mills and work shops
    • automation of sorting lines
  • food production:
    • automation of oil and millet plants and workshops
    • automation of canneries and workshops
    • automation of packaging equipment
  • production of building materials
    • automation of construction mix production
    • automation of concrete mixing units
    • automation of machines for the production of paving slabs
We carry out a full range of work from concept development to commissioning of the working system and training of personnel.
Our advantages:
  • highly qualified specialists;
  • choosing the best solutions;
  • individual approach to each customer;
  • use of modern hardware and software
Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.
Why is this necessary?
What will it do?
  • Improving the quality of production
  • Reducing the impact of the “human factor”
  • Visualization of the technological process and its state
  • Ability to remotely control processes
  • Ability to quickly change of process parameters
  • Optimization of the labor use
  • Improved handling
  • Easy process management
  • Increase in production capacity
  • Improving competitiveness
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