We specialize in the development and further production of electrical equipment, sell our own products and represent the interests of other domestic and foreign manufacturers. We are professionally engaged in automation of technological processes, perform electrical installation works, and build solar power plants. Promavtomatika Vinnytsia has been developing for 20 years. We have about 200 specialists.
Our values are clarity, decency in our work and a high business culture.

Our partners
At present Promavtomatika has extensive experience. Our clients, friends and partners are leading enterprises and institutions of Vinnytsia and Ukraine, including factories, power plants, private enterprises, hospitals, educational institutions.

Our activity

We Automate…
Modern requirements for the quality of products manufactured by enterprises require the use of reliable and accurate automation systems. Promavtomatika Vinnytsia is the leader of our region in the field of automation. Our experts will always help you solve complex problems. Our solutions will help you save time and money and increase productivity.
We Manufacture….
We develop and manufacture to order various control systems for automatic installations, ventilation and air conditioning control panels, metering panels, ASKOE systems, distribution and control cabinets, input and distribution cabinets, microprocessor relays and led cantilever lamps for outdoor lighting.
We Mount…
Our specialists will perform installation of automation systems and electrical equipment with high accuracy, efficiently and responsibly.
We sell..
«Promavtomatika Vinnytsia”it sells electrical products and is an official representative of such brands as “Asko”, “Thermofit”, “Odescabel”, “Zaporozhye plant of non-ferrous alloys”, “Aries”, “Eleton”, “Skloprylad”. Most of the products are always available in the company’s warehouse. All products are certified and will meet the needs of the most demanding customer. Our drivers will deliver products to the customer carefully and quickly.