Bandera Solar

Glory to Ukraine!
We present a professional dual purpose product: “BanderaSolar power supply module”.
Produced by @promavtomatika.vinnytsia

Bandera Solar is a solar power module. It is used for recharging rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

Works great in conjunction with the Bandera Power 225 S multi-channel fast charging unit.

The design includes solar cells with a power of 200 W, which charge the unit with a capacity of 225,000 mAh for 6-10 hours (6 hours – at 100% of the sun, 10 hours – at 50% of the sun).

It has a strong aluminum body with stiffening ribs.

The Bandera Solar module consists of two panels measuring 680x780x64mm. In the unfolded form, the size is 1350x780x64mm.

It weighs 28 kg.

The Bandera Solar panel has an official warranty of 12 months.



  • Degree of protection IP – 54
  • The price does not include VAT
  • Weight – 28 kg

Country of manufacture – Ukraine
Manufacturer – Promavtomatika Vinnytsia

Our device is certified, produced in series

Corresponds to the declared characteristics. Will not let you down at an important moment! ⠀

* it can be worn and thrown, it works in the sun and in the cold.

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