BanderaPower 180S multi-channel fast charging unit

Glory to Ukraine!

We present a professional dual purpose product:

“Bandera Power 180S unit of multi-channel fast charging and autonomous lighting”

Produced by @promavtomatika.vinnytsia

It is intended for long-term maintenance of the power supply of radios, thermal imagers, phones, tablets, Starlink terminals and other electronic devices in a charged state. ⠀

180S has a special connector for an additional power module – a Bandera Solar solar panel.

It helps:

  • be in touch;
  • have additional lighting;
  • use all electronic devices of a small combat group stably. ⠀


  • a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 180,000 mAh;
  • 4 quick-charge USB ports;
  • cigarette lighter connector 12V 10A;
  • 2 AC outlet 220 V 50 Hz designed for devices with a power of up to 500 W;
  • 6 cords with connectors for recharging (2 Micro USB, 2 Type C and 2 Lightning);
  • LED lamp with a power of 9W, with a 3m cord;
  • Cord for recharging;
  • Connector for BanderaSolar
  • weight 6.1 kg
  • size 355x281x163 mm
  • full charging time – 7 hours

Our device is certified, produced in series

Corresponds to the declared characteristics. Will not let you down at an important moment!

The block is easy to transport – it can be carried in the hand or over the shoulder, thanks to the use of lithium-ion batteries, it can be operated in any position. ⠀

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