Bandera power 125

Glory To Ukraine!
We present a Professional Dual-Use Product:
Bandera power 125 multi-channel fast charging unit
Production @promavtomatika.vinnytsia
BanderaPower 125 or (BP 125) – is a portable source to provide critical backup power.
It helps:
– charge various communication devices, smartphones, tablets, etc.;
– can be used in bomb shelters, basements, temporary roadblocks, and other places where it is not possible to connect to the power grid.

Battery capacity Bandera Power 125 is enough to recharge more than 30 smartphones
Complete Set Of Bandera Power 125
– Li-ion battery, capacity 125,000 mAh, 460 W /h
– 4 USB Quick-charge ports
– 2 12 V cigarette lighter sockets
– 6 cords with connectors: Micro USB 2 PCs, Type C 2 PCs, Lightning 2 Pcs
– cord for charging the unit from the 220 V network
Weight 4.15 kg
Size 355x281x163 mm
Full charge time-5 hours

Our device is certified and mass-produced.
It meets the stated characteristics. It won’t let you down at an important moment! ⠀
The unit is easy to transport – it can be carried in the hand or over the shoulder, thanks to the use of lithium-ion batteries, it can be operated in any position.
For advice and ordering, please call: (067) 431-22-00

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